The search for knowledge of ancient healing arts

The search for knowledge of ancient healing arts

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How can old healing arts be combined with modern conventional medicine?

Can traditional healing arts of other civilizations be combined with modern conventional medicine so that they enrich each other? One of the best-known doctors in Germany, Professor Dr. Dietrich Grönemeyer. He traveled to Africa, Tibet, Brazil, Australia and Korea, among other places, to learn alternative healing methods there. In his new book "World Medicine", the doctor and bestselling author reports on his experiences with naturopathy.

Professor Dr. Inaugurate Grönemeyer by experienced users in the basics of forgotten naturopathic treatments. He learned among other things practices from traditional Chinese medicine, shamanism, Tibetan medicine, herbalism of the Aboriginies and Ayurveda. The well-known doctor sees the traditional knowledge of the art of healing in harmony with modern conventional medicine as a life project.

Complement the existing knowledge with lost

Professor Dr. Grönemeyer summarizes the medical knowledge of world cultures in a book for the first time. He sees the future of medicine in the synthesis between the traditional knowledge of the healer and the scientific knowledge of today. In his book, for example, he answers questions about how to regulate the heart rhythm through meditation, whether people can actually get well by laying on of hands or why traditional techniques such as acupuncture work.

Not just for esoterics

Anyone who thinks that Grönemeyer is a dreamy esoteric is wrong. As a renowned doctor, the professor held the chair for radiology and microtherapy at the University of Witten / Herdecke until 2012. In 1997 he founded the interdisciplinary Grönemeyer Institute for Microtherapy in Bochum. As an author, he published numerous bestsellers in the health sector.

The medicine of the future with the knowledge of the past

The doctor's biggest dream is to combine old knowledge with modern possibilities. As a doctor, scientist and author, Dietrich Grönemeyer is one of the decisive advocates of medicine between modern and traditional. In order to bring the two areas closer together, he founded the Grönemeyer Foundation for World Medicine. The foundation would like to document traditional healing knowledge so that it is not irretrievably lost.

A new center of naturopathy?

The foundation wants to advance the process of integrating naturopathy into the practice of modern medicine and to demonstrate the scientific effectiveness of traditional healing methods. Furthermore, the team around Grönemeyer would like to develop new forms of treatment that combine scientific high-tech medicine and alternative healing methods from all over the world.

Ambitious goals

In addition, the foundation would also like to be a publication forum for selected naturopathic writings, which are aimed both at therapists and the general public. In addition, institutions that are already researching in the field of traditional and integrative medicine are to be supported. A training center for therapists in the field of integrative medicine is also to be created as a medium-term goal. (vb)

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