Detectable fewer headache days with the migraine app

Detectable fewer headache days with the migraine app

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25 percent fewer headache days thanks to the use of the migraine app

Millions of Germans suffer from headaches every now and then. In many cases, home remedies for the symptoms can help, but those affected often quickly take painkillers. As has now been shown in a study, the use of a migraine app can help to reduce the intake of such medications. It also helps to significantly reduce headache days in general.

It doesn't always have to be medication

Pain at the temples and a buzzing skull: headaches are now a common illness. According to experts, around 50 million people in Germany are affected, and four million suffer from it every day. In many cases, the symptoms can be remedied with home remedies such as peppermint oil, lemon balm spirit or coffee with lemon, but many Germans prefer to take medication. A special app for patients with migraines and headaches can help reduce painkillers. And it helps to significantly reduce the number of headache days.

The need for taking headache tablets is reduced

According to a recent study by the Pain Clinic Kiel and the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), pain days can be significantly reduced when using a migraine app.

As stated in a statement by the health insurance company, users of such a TK app suffer on average around three days a month less headaches than without using the app - on average ten instead of 13.3 days a month (minus 25 percent).

"The study clearly shows that patients benefit from the support of their treatment with the migraine app," said Prof. Dr. Hartmut Göbel, medical director of the Pain Clinic Kiel, in a message.

"You have fewer days of headache per month, and the need to take acute headache medication also decreases," said the expert.

For comparison: According to the information, most preventive headache preparations reduce the number of days of headache on average by one to two days per month.

"The migraine app shows that well-made digital offers in health care really do something good," said TK CEO Dr. Jens Baas.

The app has a noticeable added value for the patient.

Health risks from long-term use of pain relievers

As the TK reported last year, one in ten Germans takes at least one headache tablet every day.

A reduction in the intake of such preparations can actually be of health benefit to those affected.

Because if used incorrectly and frequently, painkillers can cause permanent headaches.

Enormous reduction in headache days

"Extrapolated to all users of the app, with 136,000 downloads currently, the reduction in headache days to 5.3 million days a year," explained pain expert Göbel.

The study also shows that the app supports medical treatment and that digital medicine has arrived in modern medical consultations. According to this, seven out of ten users surveyed (71 percent) bring the migraine app to the doctor's visit.

And 58 percent use the app results to decide on the therapy together with their doctor, in particular to adjust the medication.

76 percent say the app helps them adhere to their doctor's treatment plan. In addition, 80 percent prefer the app solution to a conventional pain diary on paper.

"Efficient tool for effective self-management"

"The migraine app is an efficient tool for effective self-management," said TK boss Baas.

"The study shows us that it is worthwhile to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization and to actively shape them," said the CEO of the health insurance company.

"On the one hand, the market for health apps is booming, hundreds of thousands of apps are available in the digital stores," added Baas.

“However, most of the benefits and efficiency are not proven. Unlike many others, health apps are not toys. We therefore urgently need a sensible risk classification. "

Analyze and control the course of the disease

As explained in the communications from the Kiel Pain Clinic and the health insurance company, the migraine app helps TK patients with chronic headaches digitally document their course of the disease precisely, analyze and control it with just a few clicks.

It also informs users and suggests behavioral measures based on the individual data entered.

For example, if the user exceeds the maximum permitted acute medication of a maximum of nine days a month, he receives a warning.

Extensive information and self-help tools are also available to patients.

For example, you can use it to find a pain specialist nearby, access the TK headache coach directly, or relax under the guidance of progressive muscle relaxation.

Since spring, the migraine app has also included the simulation of a migraine aura. It shows what visual disturbances look like during migraine attacks.

This is important because the symptoms are often confused with those of a stroke, explained neurologist Göbel.

The users appreciate this: 40 percent of the respondents praised the fact that for the first time they can make it clear to others how the field of vision is restricted in the case of a migraine aura.

App is mainly used by women

For the current study, 1,464 active users of the TK migraine app were surveyed online. Respondents have been using the app on average for around 13 months, are on average around 47 years old and have had headaches for an average of 27 years.

The migraine app was developed by pain experts from the Pain Clinic Kiel together with scientists and care experts from TK as well as self-help groups.

The users are predominantly women. Both women and men benefit from using the app and rate it equally well. There is a tendency for younger app users to have greater effects. (ad)

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