Overcoming the lack of exercise in yourself - soon positive effects

Overcoming the lack of exercise in yourself - soon positive effects

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Muffle of movement: overcome the inner bastard

A recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO) showed the dramatic extent of the worldwide lack of sportsmanship: almost every third person does not move enough. Lack of exercise is also widespread in Germany. There are enough good reasons for regular physical activity. Health experts explain how useful it is to overcome the inner bastard.

Most Germans do not exercise enough

A recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO) has shown that almost every third person in the world does not exercise enough. The majority of Germans are also lack of exercise. Just four out of ten people in Germany move enough, as a report by the German Health Insurance of 2018 shows. "This is a new sad low point in a trend that has lasted for years," explains Prof. Dr. Peter Deibert from the University Hospital Freiburg in a message. Eight years ago, 60 percent of people were sufficiently active. The sports doctor explains how much exercise should be at least and when the first positive effects occur.

Lack of exercise promotes illness

Lack of exercise increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, dementia and some cancers, among other things.

"The positive effect of sport and exercise is undisputed and almost everyone has it in their own hands to exercise enough," says Prof. Deibert, medical director of the Institute for Exercise and Occupational Medicine at the University Medical Center Freiburg.

The WHO recommends exercising for at least 75 minutes a week to make you sweat, or doing light, moderate exercise for at least 150 minutes a week.

Long distance swimming, dancing and running are some examples where you can really get out of breath. A positive effect has now also been proven for smaller training volumes from 15 minutes a day.

In addition to endurance sports, it is also important to keep moving in everyday life. This also applies to the way to work - according to the expert, people who get on their bikes have a lower risk of mortality.

Stay tuned continuously

"It is important that you stay tuned," says Prof. Deibert. Those who train twice a week will only be able to increase their performance very slowly, if at all.

It should be three units a week, with as few days as possible between the units, so that the next stimulus to stimulation hits an "activated" muscle.

A small snack is recommended as preparation: "A light meal before exercise makes sense if you run for more than half an hour," says Prof. Deibert.

"Otherwise, there may be a drop in performance. Your legs get heavy, you get tired and you can feel dizzy, ”explains the sports doctor at the Freiburg University Hospital.

According to the expert, after about four to six weeks, a routine will set in for beginners. The body knows that it is challenged regularly; endurance is also improving.

Walking up stairs is easier and you are not out of breath so quickly and, incidentally, a few fat pads melt.

Doctor check for newcomers over 40 years

If you want to exercise regularly again at the age of 40 and have not had your family doctor check you over the past few years, you should definitely talk to him before exercising.

For older sports enthusiasts, Nordic walking is a very good entry-level sport.

"Mostly, the health insurance companies finance a course for their members so that they can learn the first basics there under professional guidance," says Prof. (ad)

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