Misleading sales calls on behalf of the professional association

Misleading sales calls on behalf of the professional association

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BGW warns of misleading sales calls on behalf of the professional association

On the current occasion, the professional association for health service and welfare care (BGW) advises caution when making strange sales calls in the name of a "Department of occupational safety of the professional association". Several such calls from member companies have recently been reported to her.

The person making the call, with reference to an alleged letter and reference to alleged occupational safety deficiencies, tried to sell occupational safety products and to obtain company account information. The BGW points out that it has nothing to do with such calls.

Order media free of charge

The BGW also informs that it distributes many occupational safety media, which must be available in the company and are often offered commercially, to its member companies free of charge. These include the following media:

First aid book (order number BGW 09-17-000), poster "Prevent fires - behavior in case of fire" (order number BGW 22-00-012) and instructions for first aid - optionally as a poster (order number DGUV-Information 204-001) or booklet ( Order number DGUV Information 204-006).
The materials can be ordered via the website. They are easy to find there if the relevant order number is entered as a search keyword.

Don't buy right away

BGW recommends companies that are offered occupational health and safety products by telephone: Do not buy immediately, but only calmly consider what is really needed. The company doctor and the occupational safety specialist help with this. The BGW also provides information on the website or through its regional prevention services.

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