Non-medical practitioner: Liberal middle class works for non-medical practitioners

Non-medical practitioner: Liberal middle class works for non-medical practitioners

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The federal association “Liberaler Mittelstand e.V.” Entrepreneurs close to the FDP oppose efforts to abolish the profession of “alternative practitioner”. The Federal Executive Board decided this unanimously at its recent weekend meeting in Kronberg / Taunus.

The background is the so-called “Münster Memorandum” from the area surrounding the Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, in which a far-reaching modification of professional law is required, which would be equivalent to the abolition of the profession of “alternative practitioner”. In parts of federal politics, these demands have met with approval. The FDP-related business association, however, rejects them. "Article 12 of our Basic Law guarantees non-medical practitioners comprehensive protection of the existence," explains the Federal Chairman of the Liberal Middle Class Thomas L. Kemmerich. "This applies until empirical knowledge about whether this profession endangers the patient's well-being is available."

As a member of the Bundestag, Kemmerich also wanted to campaign for this fundamental stance within his FDP parliamentary group. Alleged mistreatments cited by critics have so far been clearly recognizable individual cases. "The prerequisite for the abolition of a complete professional branch is not given for the liberal middle class."

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