Will there be some kind of miracle pill for the flu soon?

Will there be some kind of miracle pill for the flu soon?

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New pill protects mice from death from flu

The consequences of the flu kill many people worldwide every year. Even flu shots cannot fully protect against the negative health effects of all flu strains. Researchers have now developed an experimental drug that can offer broad protection against many strains of flu - even with infections that are currently often fatal.

In their current investigation, the scientists at the Scripps Research Institute found that a new experimental influenza therapy protects against most strains of flu. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "Science".

Universal cure for the flu?

There are some flu diseases that can lead to the death of the patient even today. Newly developed experimental drugs could soon remedy this problem. However, there are still some reservations among experts because, for example, the drug has not yet been tested on humans. Even so, some doctors expect the new molecule to finally be the long-awaited cure for the flu.

How does the treatment work?

The treatment uses the natural way the body uses antibodies to fight viruses. If it had been declared ten years ago that a small molecule enables effective treatment of the flu, it would have come as a great surprise to experts and medical experts, the authors of the study explain. However, the results of the study are clear evidence that even tiny drugs can behave like really strong antibodies.

100 percent of the mice survived deadly flu strains

So far, however, the only patients on whom the new drug has been tested are only different laboratory mice. The study observed that even when the mice were exposed to deadly flu strains, 100 percent of the rodents survived when they were treated with the new drug, the researchers said.

Human studies in the near future?

The treatment was also effective on human lung cells grown in the laboratory, which may pave the way for human studies in the future. The results of the study are very interesting and could help combat dangerous flu diseases. Effective drugs to fight the flu are urgently needed. The novel approach could help improve the treatment of flu in the future. (as)

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