So gardening does not become an ordeal for the back

So gardening does not become an ordeal for the back

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Tips for preventing back pain when gardening

Spring is just around the corner and with it life in the garden comes alive. The beginning of the gardening season brings with it all sorts of work: from scarifying the lawn and cutting the hedge, using plants and flower bulbs, to dividing shrubs, weeding wild herbs and pruning trees, everything the busy gardener has to do is included. Unfortunately, the popular and sometimes hated gardening activity often causes back pain. Experts explain what to watch out for to prevent this from happening.

Experts have come together in the "Healthy Back Campaign (AGR)" to make a contribution to combating people's back pain. The often uncomfortable and rigid posture when gardening often leads to back problems. However, the EGR experts know that this does not have to be the case. In a current announcement, the team gives tips for back-friendly gardening.

Weeding painless weeds

Weeding wild herbs is one of the more unpopular activities in the garden. Complaints arise particularly quickly during this work, since the workers often remain in unfavorable postures. This can quickly lead to pain in the back or knees. The AGR team recommends using soft pads to kneel down and stools to sit down to relieve the joints during this work. If you have to bend down more often, stand in a waist-wide position and then lean forward with a straight back. There are also various multi-function tools that enable weeding while standing. Raised beds also give the opportunity to do the work in a less stooped posture.

Mow the lawn in a back-friendly manner

Lawn occupies the largest area in many gardens. Regular mowing is part of garden maintenance. Depending on the size of the area, pushing the mower can quickly lead to muscle tension and neck pain. The experts at AGR recommend that you choose height-adjustable handles when choosing a lawnmower and scarifier so that you can work in an upright posture. Furthermore, a lawnmower should not weigh more than 15 kilograms in order not to make it unnecessarily difficult to push the device.

Cut the hedge without back pain

Cutting and pruning hedges and bushes is one of the most demanding and demanding tasks in the garden. Electric and motorized hedge trimmers are often heavy and working over the head puts enormous strain on your shoulders, arms and back. The experts warn that this can quickly lead to complaints. When buying a device, particular attention should be paid to performance and weight. A hedge trimmer should not weigh more than four kilograms and allow changing stopping positions.

Variety and breaks

In the best case, gardening is varied and the same task is not carried out for too long. Thus, several muscle groups are required and monotonous and one-sided movements are prevented. Very important: do not forget regular and sufficient breaks so that muscles and joints can regenerate, so the recommendation of the AGR. (vb)

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