Tanning before going on vacation in the solarium for skin protection?

Tanning before going on vacation in the solarium for skin protection?

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Prevention guide provides information about the risk of skin cancer due to tanning in the solarium

Soon millions of people flock to their sunny vacation. For many, tanning on the beach is one of them. The rumor persists that so-called pre-tanning in the solarium would prepare the skin for the upcoming bathing vacation. Many think that it is protection against UV rays and therefore for skin cancer. But what do the experts say? We asked the German Cancer Aid on this topic.

With every visit to the solarium, the risk of skin cancer increases. According to the German Cancer Aid, "this also applies to pre-tanning before the holiday," is the clear answer. Nevertheless, you can prepare yourself by supporting the skin by spending time outdoors for the upcoming summer.

Solariums are used in particular to prepare for summer vacation. Many believe that this will significantly improve their own protection against UV rays and thus be better equipped for the intense sun in the south. The German Cancer Aid, however, points out that tanning is basically not a sign of healthy skin, but only indicates a limited protective function against carcinogenic UV radiation.

Visits to the solarium increase the risk of skin cancer

The main risk factor for skin cancer is UV radiation. This includes both natural solar radiation and artificial radiation in the solarium. You don't do your skin a favor if you tan in the solarium before you go on holiday in the south.

“Pre-tanning in the solarium provides the skin with its own protection that corresponds to a sun protection factor of 6 at the most. In the summer sun, this is of little use, ”explains Prof. Breitbart, chair of the Dermatological Prevention Working Group (ADP). “The harmful effects of UV radiation, on the other hand, develop in full. Anyone who goes to the solarium buys an increased risk of skin cancer there. "

The radiation intensity in solariums is limited to a maximum permissible maximum. This corresponds to the highest radiation intensity that can be achieved by natural solar radiation on Earth. That is why dermatologists as well as national and international health organizations, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), advise against any use of solariums.

Prefer outdoor walks to prepare

The German Cancer Aid is committed to sensitizing the population to the dangers posed by solariums. Together with the ADP, she advocates that tanned skin should not be seen as a sign of health and beauty.

"If you want to start the summer in a protected way, you can now slowly accustom your skin to the sun with short stays outdoors and take additional protective measures," emphasizes Gerd Nettekoven, CEO of the German Cancer Aid Foundation. This includes avoiding the midday sun, wearing airy clothing appropriate for the sun and applying sunscreen to all free areas of the body. The guide "Put in the right light." Offers detailed information on all aspects of skin cancer prevention. Cancer risk factor solarium ”, which can be requested free of charge from the German Cancer Aid. (sb)

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