Loudspeaker announcements in furniture stores lead to tinnitus?

Loudspeaker announcements in furniture stores lead to tinnitus?

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Loudspeaker announcements in the furniture store do not lead to tinnitus: Dortmund Social Court rejects recognition as an accident at work

If a furniture seller in a furniture store is called out several times via a loudspeaker system, this does not yet lead to tinnitus. This was determined by the Dortmund Social Court in a judgment announced on Monday, April 29, 2019 "with a life-like assessment" and refused to be recognized as an insured accident at work (file number: S 17 U 1169/16).

The complaining furniture seller had claimed an accident at the trade association because he was called out several times over the loudspeaker system of the store by colleagues. In this way, he suffered "sustained hearing damage". At the time of the loudspeaker announcements, his head was only about two to 2.50 meters below the loudspeaker. A doctor had actually diagnosed the man with damage to the hearing apparatus.

However, it is “absolutely impossible to rule out a realistic assessment” that the hearing damage is due to the multiple loudspeaker announcements, the Social Court ruled in its March 29, 2019 judgment under the speaker system. An accident at work is therefore not present. fle / mwo

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