New diet aid: gel capsules swell in the stomach and support weight loss

New diet aid: gel capsules swell in the stomach and support weight loss

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Weight loss through diet capsules?

As more and more people develop weight problems and obesity and obesity are on the rise worldwide, ways to protect people from gaining weight are increasingly being sought. Researchers have now developed special gel capsules that are taken to partially fill the stomach before a meal. This can help people lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight.

One investigation showed that taking gel capsules offers protection against weight gain. The capsules should fill the stomach before the meal. The results of the study were presented at this year's European Congress on Obesity.

Plenity does not work for everyone

The hydrogel capsule called Plenity was tested on more than 400 people. The capsules only worked for 59 percent of the participants, but if the capsules had an effect, they doubled the probability of losing five to ten percent of their body weight, the researchers claim.

Plenity is taken 20 minutes before the meal

In today's world, where more and more people worldwide are overweight and obese, there is of course a great demand for products that make our weight loss easier. The capsules contain a hydrogel made from citric acid and cellulose, which is also naturally found in fruits and vegetables. Three capsules are taken with two glasses of water 20 minutes before a meal. The capsules absorb water and then swell in the stomach.

Gel fills about a quarter of the stomach

Smallest particles are released by the capsules in the stomach, which are then converted into a gel. This gel then takes up about 250 ml of the stomach, about a quarter of the volume, the authors of the study explain. The gel mixes with the food in the stomach like normal chewed vegetables. This makes you feel fuller and more saturated, so that you no longer eat as much with your meals, reports the English-language journal “The Guardian” about the study results.

What happens to the gel in the body?

The gel is not absorbed. It travels through the small intestine and then reaches the large intestine, where it is finally broken down. The water is absorbed, the rest is excreted with the faeces. The capsules have a really good safety and tolerance profile. Therefore, they are classified as a medical device and not as a medicine. The capsules could be an aid in weight loss in connection with diet and exercise - so they are not a miracle cure, but only a new tool in the fight against obesity, the researchers report.

Study included 436 overweight subjects

A total of 436 people took part in the study, half of whom took effective capsules and the other half took a placebo. All participants were overweight or moderately obese and tried to lose weight through diet and exercise. The average weight at the start of the study was about 100 kg. Patients in the placebo group lost 4.4 percent of their body weight, and those who used the active capsules lost 6.4 percent. Even after taking factors such as baseline weight, age and gender into account, there was an increased weight loss of two percent compared to taking placebos.

Capsules available in a year?

The capsules could be available in pharmacies in a few years in some countries, the researchers say. For a certain group of consumers who pay attention to healthy eating and adequate exercise, the capsules could help those affected to lose a little more weight and to continue their efforts to lose weight more motivated. The capsules are well tolerated and increase satiety, so that people eat less, the researchers emphasize. The capsules are easy to use and effective in their effect, so that millions of people could benefit from it. Critics of such weight loss methods, however, emphasize that non-medical approaches to a healthy lifestyle should always be examined first so that we as a society do not become dependent on medical interventions.

Long-term dietary changes healthier than any aid

A long-term change in diet to a healthy nutritional concept is better than any crash diet or pill. For example, the Mediterranean diet or the Mediterranean diet is considered to be particularly healthy. For more information read: This diet is the most successful due to its Mediterranean nutritional concept! (as)

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