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Home remedies for back pain

Home remedies for back pain

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These home remedies help with back problems

Back pain doesn't just affect older people these days. Home remedies can generally provide relief. However, in some cases, a doctor should be consulted for clarification: For example, if there is an injury and / or the pain has been preceded by an accident; if you experience numbness or loss of strength; if the pain radiates into the arms or legs; if symptoms of paralysis, bladder, bowel or breathing disorders are added; for fever and / or weight loss; if the pain is very massive and can hardly be influenced by taking a pain reliever.

It applies to all home remedies that the external applications are used to different degrees depending on the location of the pain, i.e. the cervical, thoracic or lumbar spine. The cervical spine should always be viewed with caution. The rule here is: no strong massages, no sports that stretch the cervical spine or put too much strain on it, no firm movements. The spine should always be left out of the wraps. It is also not allowed to massage directly on the spine.

Heat applications

Heat treatments are simple home remedies for back pain. Since the muscles are always affected and cramped, warmth is a good helper. The application of warmed spelled cushions is very easy to use. Damp heat helps even better. For this, a warm, damp cloth is applied to the painful area and a hot water bottle is placed over it.

Special plasters that are glued to the skin and can develop their warmth are helpful. Especially in everyday life or overnight, these plasters do a good job. However, the application instructions should be observed here. Also beneficial are brine cushions, which are applied to the painful areas when warmed up. Not only the heat helps here, but also the ingredients of the brine.

In the case of back pain, the affected areas should always be kept warm. A scarf or a sweater tied around the waist are recommended aids here.

Applications with ice

Ice cream for back pain is a relatively new home remedy. If someone has a bad feeling about having ice on their backs, it is better to refrain from this treatment. However, if you want to try this, wrap a few ice cubes in a cloth and gently massage the painful area with them, but no longer than five to ten minutes. Be careful around the kidneys and cervical spine. After the ice treatment, rest is the order of the day.


Wraps are one of the well-known household remedies for our grandmothers. However, the envelopes have become modern again - and rightly so. In the case of back pain, a pad with healing earth helps. For this purpose, a little healing earth is mixed with hot water to a paste and applied to the middle of a cotton cloth, the cloth is wrapped in from both sides and the thin side is placed on the painful area. The wrap can stay there as long as it is perceived as pleasant.

A Retterspitzwickel is also helpful. The thymol contained in it counteracts inflammation and the rosemary oil helps with rheumatic complaints and also improves blood circulation, which is especially important for tense muscles. The finished Retterspitz mixture is shaken well before use, mixed 1: 1 with a little water, a cotton cloth soaked with it and then placed on the painful area. On top of that comes another cotton cloth or better a molton cloth (molton is a woven fabric made of cotton). The wrap stays on the body for about two hours. At first, those affected feel a slight cold, which then turns into a cozy feeling of warmth.

St. John's wort oil, also known as red oil, is used to relax the muscles. A cloth is soaked in slightly warmed St. John's wort oil, placed on its back, covered with another cotton cloth and finally covered with a woolen cloth. The rest of the oil, which remains on the skin when the wrap is removed, can be gently massaged in. But be careful, there is never a massage on the spine.

Another wrap is the potato wrap. For this purpose, the boiled jacket potatoes are wrapped in a cloth in a bowl, crushed and if the temperature is right, the wrap is placed on the affected area. Warning: the potatoes can be quite hot.


The easy-to-use home remedies for back pain include baths - enriched with salt, with oils or with tea blends. A brine bath relaxes, is anti-inflammatory and at the same time basic to the entire organism. Finished salt cushions are commercially available. The pillows are placed unopened in the bath with a little water. Once the salt has dissolved, the bathtub is completely filled with warm water. The bathing time is about twenty minutes, the bathing temperature is 37 ° C. After the bath there is no shower, the body is only dabbed a little. A rest period is very important afterwards.

Another option is to bathe in some essential orange oil. For this, a few drops of high-quality orange oil are mixed with a little cream (this serves as an emulsifier), added to the "finished" bathing water and distributed in the water by hand. Here, too, the bathing time is limited to twenty minutes. If you don't like orange oil at all, you can use thyme oil as an alternative. Lavender oil is also recommended. In addition, this has a very relaxing effect on the entire organism.

With each bath, it should be noted that the bathers should never be alone. If you feel unwell, the bath must be stopped immediately.


Tea is a good home remedy and also a good help for back pain. Willow bark tea can relieve the pain. However, this tea should not be consumed if you have stomach or intestinal ulcers, liver disease or asthma. Preparation of willow bark tea: A teaspoon of sliced ​​willow bark is poured over with 250 ml of cold water and then slowly heated in a saucepan, simmered for five minutes and then strained. A maximum of three cups a day are drunk from the tea, as required. Every cup is freshly cooked.

The following mixture can help with acute pain: Willow bark, devil's claw root, mullein flowers, star anise fruits and lavender flowers are mixed together in equal proportions. A level tablespoon of the mixture is scalded with 250 ml of boiling water and has to steep for about ten minutes. After straining, a little honey can be added. The recommended dose is three cups a day.

Ointments and oils

Rubbing with certain ointments or oils is an easy to use home remedy for back pain. Ointments containing comfrey, arnica or devil's claw help here. Oil mixed together can also help. Almond or sesame oil is used as the carrier oil. This is mixed with a few drops of essential oils, such as thyme, lavender or orange. The ointment or oil is massaged into the skin with a gentle massage. It is important to always spare the spine from the massage.

Tips for acute back pain

For acute back pain that occurs in the area of ​​the lumbar spine, a so-called step position is recommended. The upper body lies flat, possibly with a small pillow under the head and the legs are placed at a 90 ° angle. This means that the thighs and lower legs are brought into a 90 ° position with the help of pillows, blankets or a special cube. This relieves and relaxes the spine. Conscious breathing, soft music - both can intensify relaxation. This storage is best carried out as often as possible.

Back sleepers should also take a light step position at night. For side sleepers, pillows are pushed between the legs. The area of ​​the lower spine is also relieved.

If there are problems in the cervical spine, the "best" position must be tried. There is no general recipe here. Not every pillow is right for everyone. Different pillows often have to be tested and changed from time to time.

If those affected can move and the pain is not too severe, walks are a good home remedy for back pain. Even if the movement in the fresh air is carried out only very slowly and only for a short time, this is better than lying on the couch - provided those affected are able to do it.

Camphor oil helps the muscles to relax, especially when combined with heat. A little almond or sesame oil is mixed with a few drops of camphor essential oil and rubbed into the affected muscles, ideally before going to sleep. Camphor oil should not be used if the patient is currently undergoing homeopathic treatment. Camphor can override the effects of the homeopathic drugs used.

Chronic back pain

If back pain occurs again and again or is even latent, a doctor should always be consulted. In any case, it is important to rethink the way of life. Maybe there is no movement. But what kind of movement is the right one? This includes walks, backstroke, dancing, Nordic walking, climbing, cycling, trampoline jumping and yoga. Not every sport is suitable for everyone. Even if some sports are recommended for back problems, this does not mean that they actually do you good in a special case. Those affected have to test and decide for themselves.

Exercise releases happiness hormones, which reduces stress and in turn relieves back pain. The movement and exertion make breathing more intense, which means that the muscles are better supplied with blood. In any case, you should choose a sport that is fun and that suits the respective back complaints. For example, climbing is good for the lower and middle spine area, but not for problems with the cervical spine. Existing overweight should be reduced as this puts too much strain on the spine.

Correct movement, sitting, carrying

In the case of existing back pain, correct movement and carrying is very important. For longer walks, especially on hard ground, shoes are recommended that have a thicker sole and are well cushioned. With cervical spine complaints, it is important to avoid turning the head quickly and everything, whereby the head has to be put on the neck for a long time. Heavy wearing should be avoided with any kind of back pain. If it has to be worn, it has to be worn properly. Lifting an object is always done in an upright position of the spine. Purchases will be made if this is absolutely necessary; evenly distributed on two pockets and carried on the right and left.

In the mornings, when the alarm clock has rung, it is important to pause for a second - no hectic jumping out of bed, but first turn to the side, then sit up with your hands and then get up. The sitting position should be changed over and over again during the day. The seating options should not always be the same. If you can make this possible, you can do your work in between instead of sitting while standing. Stretching and stretching in between are important. Stereotypical postures are dangerous for the back.


A large portion of fluid is required for the intervertebral discs. Accordingly, your own drinking amount should be taken into account. It is best to drink still water and various teas. Everything that is acidic is bad for the back muscles too. Because at some point this becomes acidic and this causes back pain. That is why animal and sweet things are reduced. A balanced, wholesome diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is desirable. (sw)

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