Prostate cancer: new urine rapid test for home

Prostate cancer: new urine rapid test for home

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Breakthrough in prostate cancer diagnosis?

A new urine test to diagnose prostate cancer is now able to use urine samples taken at home to predict whether people will need treatment within the next few years.

Researchers from the University of East Anglia are currently developing a urine test that can detect prostate cancer in a urine sample taken at home. The sample can also be used to predict how urgently affected people will need treatment in the next few years. The results of the study were published in the English-language journal "BioTechniques".

Test can predict necessary treatment years before

The researchers have developed a test that can diagnose aggressive prostate cancer and, in addition, predicts whether patients will need treatment up to five years earlier than conventional clinical methods.

Urine samples can be taken at home

The test can be performed on urine samples taken at home, so men no longer need to go to a clinic to take a urine sample. In addition, unpleasant rectal examinations are no longer necessary. The first urine delivered of the day provides biomarker values ​​from the prostate that are very high and constant. The researchers report that urine samples taken at home could revolutionize the diagnosis of prostate cancer in the future.

Aggressive tumors are difficult to predict

Prostate cancer is usually slow to develop. No treatment is therefore necessary in the majority of diseases. However, it is difficult for doctors to predict which tumors will become aggressive. This makes it difficult to decide whether treatment should be carried out, the researchers report in a press release.

Previous methods of diagnosing prostate cancer

Blood tests, rectal exams, magnetic resonance imaging or a biopsy are often performed to diagnose prostate cancer. The newly developed test examines gene expression in urine. This allows conclusions to be drawn as to whether existing cancer is aggressive or low-risk.

The new test could revolutionize diagnosis

The prostate constantly produces secretions. For this reason, the biomarker values ​​in the first urine of the day are much higher and more constant than in the rest of the urine of the day. The ability to simply provide a urine sample at home and send a sample for analysis could really revolutionize the diagnosis, the researchers emphasize.

The study had only 14 participants

For the investigation, 14 participants received a so-called At Home Collection Kit. The researchers then compared the results of morning urine samples from home to samples taken during a rectal exam.

Were the samples taken at home more accurate?

It was found that the urine samples taken at home showed the biomarkers for prostate cancer much more clearly than was the case after a rectal examination. The feedback from the participants also showed that the test at home was preferred.

Unnecessary examinations are avoided

Because the new test can predict prostate cancer more accurately, this means that men who have negative results have to be examined less frequently. This reduces the stress for those affected and also reduces the workload in the hospitals. The test can avoid unnecessary examinations.

Urine test determines when treatment is essential

When prostate cancer is diagnosed, the urine test also has the potential to determine which people need treatment. An active monitoring program is carried out on those affected, which can include repeated biopsies and MRI scans. In this way it can be predicted at an early stage when treatment will be necessary. (as)

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