5 recalls at Rewe: lemonade, cheese, fruit and more affected

5 recalls at Rewe: lemonade, cheese, fruit and more affected

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Five recalls at supermarket chain Rewe

The number of product recalls has increased in recent years. The supermarket chain Rewe is currently reporting an unusually high number of recalls. Five different products are recalled. Various articles from the categories cheese, lemonade, fruit, cake and sauce are affected.

Pesticide residues in grapes

The company "Eurogroup Deutschland GmbH, Langenfeld" reports an increased pesticide residue load in table grapes, which were offered by Rewe. For reasons of precautionary consumer protection, Rewe is recalling the "table grapes light seedless 500g, variety Thompson seedless". The fruit can be identified by the lot number 07-03, GGN 4063061228598 and the origin from India. The grapes were sold in the federal states of Saxony, Anhalt, Brandenburg, Berlin, Mecklenburg-West Pomerania and Thuringia.

Orange lemonade biologically contaminated

Staatliche Mineralbrunnen AG Bad Brückenau reports a biological contamination in an orange lemonade in glass bottles that was sold by Rewe. The product “Staatl. Bad Brückenauer orange lemonade 12 x 0.7 liters of glass ”with a best before date of October 9, 2020. According to the supplier, the contamination could lead to overpressure in the bottles, which could result in bursting.

Wrong label on hamburger sauce

HOMANN Feinkost GmbH informs about an error in the labeling. Apparently, HOMAN sauces were wrongly labeled with the "Hamburger Sauce" label. However, the content does not match the label. Affected is the "Hamburger Sauce of the HOMANN brand" offered by Rewe in the 450 milliliter bottle with the best before date July 13, 2020 from batch L10530281 with EAN 4030800597581. The mix-up also poses a risk for allergy sufferers, as wheat, egg and Mustard can be included in the product.

Plastic parts in grated cheese

In addition, "Andechser Molkerei Scheitz GmbH" is recalling the article "ANDECHSER NATUR Bio Reibekäse" in the resealable 150 gram packaging with the best-before date of April 3, 2020. According to the manufacturer, there is a risk of injury from possibly contained very small blue plastic pieces. More detailed information can be found in the article: Nationwide recall: Grated cheese can contain plastic.

Cake can contain foreign objects

Rewe also calls back a cake, which cannot be ruled out due to a production error that there are white plastic foreign bodies in the product. For reasons of preventive consumer protection, the company "B + F Bakery & Food, Salzkotten" is therefore calling the article "Rewe Beste Wahl, Zupfkuchen, 500 grams, frozen", with the best before date October 31, 2020 and the EAN 4388844078796 from batch: L304- 1011119 back. More information can be found in the article: Recall extended: Penny and Rewe recall cakes.

Please do not consume items

All items affected by the recalls should no longer be consumed. Instead, they can be returned to the respective shop. The purchase price will be refunded there. (vb)

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