Coronavirus confirmed in Hamburg: employees of children's hospital infected

Coronavirus confirmed in Hamburg: employees of children's hospital infected

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First coronavirus case confirmed in northern Germany

After coronavirus cases have been repeatedly confirmed in Bavaria and then in other federal states over the past few weeks, the novel pathogen has now reached northern Germany. According to the authorities, an employee of a children's clinic in Hamburg became infected.

The Authority for Health and Consumer Protection and the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) announce that on the late evening of February 27th. at the UKE the first case of COVID-19 infection in Hamburg was confirmed.

Service canceled due to symptoms of illness

According to a notification from the UKE, the person concerned is an employee of the Children's UKE. The man living in Schleswig Holstein was on vacation in Italy in Trentino (not a risk area according to the RKI definition) and returned to Hamburg on Sunday, February 23.

On Monday he started working at the UKE. When he noticed the first symptoms of illness on Tuesday, he stopped working and was presented on Thursday, February 27, in the UKE and tested for SARS-CoV-2.

On Thursday, February 27th in the late evening, the suspicion was confirmed.

The patient's condition is stable

According to the information, the patient is in stable condition in domestic isolation. All persons who have had close contact with the person concerned are currently being informed and tested for the new corona virus.

All children and their parents who have had close contact with the affected employee go into quarantine for 14 days at the UKE or at home as far as their health and domestic situation permit.

Employees who have had close contact with their colleague will also go into domestic isolation and will also be tested. There are no new admissions on the affected ward.

Avoid washing and shaking hands frequently

Hamburg's health senator Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks points out in a message that everyone can do something for personal protection.

“The most important thing is to sneeze and cough best in the crook of the arm or in a handkerchief. The use of breathing masks, on the other hand, has little benefit for the general population, ”explains the senator.

"Everything that protects during the flu season is also right here: Wash your hands frequently, shake hands and avoid face contact." (Ad)

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