Beer recall: bottles can burst

Beer recall: bottles can burst

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Zötler Russ’n Halbe: recall for mixed beer drink

The Bavarian private brewery Zötler GmbH has started a recall for the product "Zötler Russ’n Halbe". According to the brewery, the beer bottles could burst and lead to injuries.

The private brewery Zötler GmbH from Rettenberg in the district of Oberallgäu (Bavaria) is recalling a mixed beer drink from its range. According to the company, there is a risk of explosion in the glass bottles.

Vital yeast cells in the bottles

Zötler GmbH calls back a beer. The recall affects the product "Zötler Russ’n Halbe", as can be seen from a message published by the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety (BVL) on its portal "".

"As part of our ongoing internal quality checks, we had to determine that the production batch" Zötler Russ’n Halbe "with the best before date 02.01.2021 cannot rule out that the bottles still contain vital yeast cells," writes the brewery.

According to the information, there is a possibility of secondary fermentation, which can lead to an additional pressure building up in the bottle, which the bottles may not be able to withstand. As a result, the beer bottles could burst and lead to injuries.

There is no danger from the product itself

According to the company, the product itself poses no danger.

Customers who have already bought the product "Zötler Russ'n Halbe" with the best before date of 02.01.2021 are advised to open the bottles gently with a bottle opener if possible with appropriate caution to relieve pressure (put a dish towel around the bottles as a splinter protection ) and dispose of the content.

These bottles can also be exchanged for flawless goods at the beverage retailer. (ad)

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