Diarrhea: classic home remedies for self-treatment

Diarrhea: classic home remedies for self-treatment

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Tea and soup: the classics against diarrhea

When it gets warmer outside, certain germs on food spread faster. If you consume such foods, this is often expressed in symptoms such as diarrhea. Which classic home remedies are suitable for self-treatment?

In summer, bacteria like salmonella have an easier time of it. An infection quickly leads to diarrhea. Home remedies relieve symptoms - but with certain warning signals you should see a doctor.

Apples and carrots help with diarrhea

Grated apple or carrot soup may help with diarrhea. These are classic home remedies for self-treatment, explains the Lower Saxony Chamber of Pharmacists. Accordingly, the apple pectin binds excess water, which has a firming effect on the stool. Certain acids in the carrots would in turn bind the bacteria so that they no longer attach themselves to the intestinal cells in such large numbers.

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Some teas are suitable for treating diarrhea

Black tea and teas with Odermening herb or blackberry leaves could also alleviate symptoms - at the same time you counteract the loss of fluid if you drink a lot. Electrolyte solutions also supply the body with minerals, according to the Chamber of Pharmacists.

Observe warning signals for dehydration

According to the experts, dry lips, difficulty swallowing or concentration problems are possible warning signals for dehydration - that is, drying out of the body. In the worst case, so-called electrolyte shifts could lead to circulatory problems or even circulatory failure.

Infants, children and the elderly in particular can quickly become dehydrated in the event of diarrhea. A visit to the doctor is advisable here. In general, if there is a fever in addition to diarrhea, it lasts longer than three days and you have painful cramps and bleeding, this should be clarified urgently by a doctor.

Bacteria have an easier time in summer

According to the Chamber of Pharmacists, bacteria such as Salmonella or Campylobacter have an easier time at summer temperatures. The multiplication is accelerated and the lifespan of the pathogens increases. That is why hygiene is all the more important when dealing with food: for example, cook meat well and wash your hands thoroughly after preparation. It is also important to adhere to cold chains so that salmonella does not spread. (vb: Source: dpa / tmn)

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