Neck pain: this simple tip can help

Neck pain: this simple tip can help

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Correct posture: In the case of neck pain, lower your eyes instead of your head

Who does not know that: The head is difficult to turn, the neck is stiff and the pain extends to the shoulders. Muscle tension is often the trigger for neck pain, for example after long computer work or intensive cell phone use. Experts explain what can help.

Back complaints are the number one disease in Germany. In addition to a lack of exercise, the risk factors include overweight and incorrect stress. Neck pain is one of the most common back problems. The Healthy Back Campaign V. explains in a communication how this happens. It also provides information on how to treat the pain.

It depends on the attitude

Neck tension is part of everyday life for many. The painful muscle tension and hardening in the area of ​​the upper thoracic spine and cervical spine are often triggered by an unfavorable posture when working or intensive use of the smartphone.

The Healthy Back Campaign therefore recommends that you regularly check your posture while working and on your cell phone. A tip from the experts: lower your gaze to your smartphone instead of your head.

It is also advisable to strengthen the back muscles with exercises to prevent complaints. A back-friendly workplace is also important - such as an office chair that enables dynamic sitting.

If you have a height-adjustable desk, you can occasionally stand at work.

So relieve acute pain

If you still experience symptoms, there are a few things you can do to relieve the acute pain. The IKK healthy plus guild insurance company explains on its website:

  • Warmth supplies blood to the muscle and relieves pain. In addition, small tears in the muscle can heal faster. Wrap a scarf around your neck, sit under a red light or put on a warmed cherry stone pillow or a hot water bottle.
  • Ointments, baths and liniments, for example with cayenne pepper, benzyl nicotinate or salicylate, also promote blood circulation and have an analgesic effect.
  • Gentle massages relieve tension; these can also be done by yourself.
  • No jerky movements. Even with severe complaints, you should move around as quickly as possible. Protecting the muscles prolongs the problem.
  • In the case of very severe pain, taking a pain reliever can be useful to get you moving again faster.

If the pain does not go away after a few days, you should see a doctor. (ad)

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