Protection against corona infection: tips on wearing masks in summer

Protection against corona infection: tips on wearing masks in summer

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Tips for wearing a mask in the heat

Politicians have only recently agreed that the so-called mask requirement remains, as wearing a mouth and nose cover is one of the few effective instruments against the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. But on the warm and hot days in summer, the masks can be a nuisance. Experts explain what helps.

In order to curb the corona pandemic, mouth and nose coverings are mandatory in many places. However, some people find it annoying, especially on hot days, and the masks also interfere in other situations. Here are some tips to help.

Problem heat

Many people find wearing a mask anyway oppressive. "On warm days there is also the problem of sweating under the mask," says Dominic Dellweg, doctor at the lung clinic at Grafschaft Grafschaft in Schmallenberg (North Rhine-Westphalia).

The moisture is then a favorable environment for pathogens and also reduces the permeability of the mask, which makes breathing more difficult, explains the expert from the German Society for Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine.

Simply wearing the mask loosely is not recommended. Instead, it is more helpful to use disposable masks in exceptional cases, for example for patients with shortness of breath. With good protection, these are more breathable than fabric masks, says Dellweg.

The skin suffers

If you have to wear your mask for a long time every day, you may be familiar with the phenomenon: the skin is irritated and red, or there are pimples. "It is important to change and clean the masks regularly, otherwise bacterial infections in the face area can occur," recommends Prof. Alexander Nast, a dermatologist at the Charité Berlin.

"Sign of Solidarity"

Looking openly in the face and understanding without words - this is hardly possible with masks. "With a mask that covers more than half of the face, an important sensory communication channel is eliminated or is severely limited," says Charité psychologist Prof. Isabella Heuser. People could no longer interpret the signals from their counterpart so quickly: "It is simply more arduous and exhausting to know what the other means."

Nevertheless, it is important to wear masks, says Heuser: "This helps to reduce the risk of infection and is therefore a sign of solidarity". Overall, working together becomes more difficult if you always have to keep your distance. But Heuser expects that it will be a matter of getting used to it, even if the transition period is difficult.

Mask requirement also for women in labor

Breathing is the be-all and end-all in the delivery room. Nevertheless, in some hospitals a mask requirement also applies to women in labor, the association “Mother Hood” criticizes. "This scares many women," says spokeswoman Katharina Desery. The hospitals wanted to protect their staff, but that should not be at the expense of women.

The German Midwifery Association also emphasizes the importance of free breathing during childbirth and that this is only possible to a limited extent or not at all with mouth-nose protection. If midwives and doctors could be protected by wearing a medical mask, there is no need to wear a mouth-nose mask for the parturient.

Hearing aids and glasses

Masks can be an expensive pleasure for people with hearing aids. Because if the hearing aids come off behind the ear when the mouth-nose cover is put on or taken off, hearing-impaired people often fail to notice it - because they often do not hear the noise when the device hits the floor. Passers-by should be vigilant and help here.

Fogged up glasses over a mask can also make orientation difficult, especially for visually impaired people. An attached wire hanger on the top of the mouth and nose covering can help in these cases - because then less breathing air escapes upwards. (ad; source: dpa / tmn)

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