Recall: impurities in honey

Recall: impurities in honey

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Impurities in the honey - manufacturer starts recall

A recall for the German bee honey - “Burtschützer spring honey” was started because of possible contamination. The manufacturer warns that metal debris could have entered the honey during the course of production.

The product "Burtschützer spring honey" may contain fine foreign bodies in the form of metal debris, according to the manufacturer. Consumption is therefore strongly discouraged. The honey can be returned in the sales outlets.

"Burtschützer spring honey" affected

As reported by the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety on its portal, the "Burtschützer spring honey" in the packaging units of 250g glass and 500g glass is being recalled by the manufacturer Farmer Reiner Pigors (Burtschützer Straße 11, 06729 Elsteraue). All products mentioned with an expiration date of May 29, 2021 are affected.

Do not consume for safety reasons

Abrasion from the honey mixer was found in the honey, according to the reason for the current recall campaign. "For safety reasons, we ask you to bring the spring honey (...) Burtschütz we have made back to you or not to consume it anymore," warns the manufacturer. The company apologizes for the inconvenience and offers an exchange or refund of the purchase price. (fp)

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