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Holistic medicine

Own urine therapy

Self-urine therapy (also called self-urine therapy) is one of the stimulus and retuning therapies. Similar to autologous blood therapy, autologous urine should serve to spark a stimulus in the body, after which a reaction of the immune system is then to be expected. Urine therapy is used either internally, externally or as an injection.
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Low-carb diets shorten average life expectancy by 4 years!

Low carb is one of the most popular diet cures. Instead of carbohydrates, those wanting to lose weight eat a lot of protein and fats. This diet is successful because there is hardly any feeling of renunciation. But how healthy is low carb? A study showed that life expectancy decreased by an average of 4 years.
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10 home remedies for hay fever - Manuka honey

Manuka honey with a high MGO content (methylglyoxal) can be taken preventively, in the pollen-free period, but also in the acute stage. The regular consumption of regional honey should also help, by desensitizingly adjusting to the locally occurring and allergy-causing pollen - according to the theory.
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